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Christmas Market in Serbia: The Novi Sad Winterland

Navigating Changes: The Implications of Czech Republic's Consolidation Package for Freelancers

Global Traditions, Local Flavors: Brand Localization Lessons from Christmas Markets

From Crafts to Online Businesses: Introducing Bohochic Dreamer & Unique Payment Systems

πŸŽ₯ PODCAST: Czech Foreigner Working as a "Bro-pair" Living in the US

ANALYSIS: Trend of Threes $PLTR

TIP: Investing is mundane

TUTORIAL: Dollar Cost Averaging

The Rise of AI Freelancing: Greg's Path from Engineer to Prominent AI Expert

ANALYSIS: Two upcoming economic events to watch

πŸŽ₯ PODCAST: Prompt Engineer Says Think of ChatGPT as an "Intern"

TIP: 5 Personal Finance Strategies to Create Stability

πŸŽ₯ TUTORIAL: Relative Strength Indicator

ANALYSIS: Reviewing ETF documents to evaluate an investment opportunity

The Best of November in 24 Seconds

TIP: Six ways to handle a losing position $GGLL

TUTORIAL: The month-end play $GGLL


Holiday Shopping Meets Budgeting Strategies with Fashion Designer, Marina Curuvija

TIP: Balance income and expenses over a lifetime

Lidl's Philanthropic Journey on Giving Tuesday: Nurturing Community, Overcoming Challenges, and Embracing Innovation

TUTORIAL: Creating a Cash Account in TastyTrade

Shaping the Future of E-commerce: Alza's Innovative Approach to Black Friday

INTERVIEW: Year-end Financial Reviews for Online Language Teachers

ANALYSIS: Extended hours volatility for Nvidia

TIP: Did you miss the chance to make money in the market?

TUTORIAL: How to recoup a losing position

ANALYSIS: Coping with the emotional cycle of UDOW

TIP: 3 attempts asking Bard where to invest $3,000

TUTORIAL: 3 ways to profit off a market downturn

ANALYSIS: Technical chart for TQQQ

TIP: Use two accounts for short-term trades

TUTORIAL: How to determine buying into a position

Subscriber Drive 2023

The Best of October in 24 Seconds

8 Tips for Structuring the Best Online Language Lesson

5 Things that Make Online Teaching Businesses Fail

How to get from 10 USD per hour to 40 USD per hour (for an individual)?

Online Teaching Platforms: Features, Pricing, and More

Prepared Responses for New Potential Students (Message Template)


SOLO FEMALE TRAVEL: 4 Safe Cities and 1 Unsafe in Central and Eastern Europe

10 Essential Items & Equipment for Online Teaching in 2023

New Ways to Keep Your Students Talking

Avoid Problems: The Importance of Lesson Policies

ONLINE LANGUAGE TEACHER'S GUIDE: How to win with lesson creation, relationship building, and fostering a positive learning environment

Story Dice: A Fun and Versatile Tool for Online Language Lessons

How to Respond When a Client Says: "You're too expensive!"

How to Ask for Feedback and Reviews for Your Online Classes/Courses

10 Simple Tips for Better Online Teaching

10 Online Teaching Mistakes to Avoid

Say No to Free Trials & Choose Alternative Strategies

Unveiling the AI Startup Boom in Central and Eastern Europe: Insights from Venture Capitalists

Teaching and Traveling: How to Enjoy a Vacation as an Online Teacher

Managing Your Online Business Finances: Budgeting, Tracking, and Apps

Online Group Classes Pricing Guide: Charge Per Person or as a Group

Behind the Scenes of a Serbian Fashion Brand & Tips for Future Fashion Entrepreneurs: Milena Bojic Atelier

Top Online Teaching Platforms Beyond Italki

Q4 Letter to Shareholders: How will the market end in 2023

Lesson Length Dilemma: 45 or 60 Minutes?

Teachers & Students Organize Thoughts With Taskade

Emergency Funds for Online Teachers: A Must-Have Resource

Taking Notes Like a Pro: Stay Organized

The Benefits of Multiple Bank Accounts for Online Teachers

How to Be Always Ready for Your Lessons

Optimizing Earnings: Busy Online Teachers with Full Schedules

Strategies for Retaining Your Current Students

Maximizing Your Reach: Contact Gathering Tips for Online Tutors

The Power of Quarterly Planning for Online Teachers

The Possibilities for Clothing Innovation in Central and Eastern Europe

Online Teaching Intro Videos: Strategies to Stand Out

TastyTrade Position Column Layout

Every Paycheck Counts: A Budgeting Strategy for Each Incoming Payment

Beyond Duolingo: Exploring Cutting-Edge AI Tools for Language Education

How to Win Students in Trial Lessons

Navigating Strong and Weak Seasons in Online Teaching

Selling Your Services: Using Images to Display Your Price List

Taking Online Teaching to the Next Level with Wordwall

Tips for Setting Price as an Online Language Teacher

The Initial Investments for Online Teachers

The Cost of Teaching on Language Learning Platforms

Top Payment Services for Online Teachers

Why Mexico Has Become More Expensive for Travelers: Understanding the Impact on Tourists and the Tourism Industry

Adventures of Czech langauge teacher

Beauty Innovations for Foreign Business Professionals: A Guide for Future Entrepreneurs

Exploring Freelance Salaries Across Three Countries: Czech Republic, Mexico, and the United States

The Lasting Impact of the 2015 Migration Crisis

Financial Planning for Foreigners: Understanding the Effects of the New Immigration Law in Czechia

Opening a Tastytrade Account: A Guide for Users in the Czech Republic

UPDATE: Mid-Year Market Outcome

Discovering Your Adventure Goals: A Guide to Living and Working Abroad

Destination Czech Republic: Your Guide to Successful Relocation

Financial Stability, Passion, and Joy: My Five Years in the Heart of Europe

RECOMMENDATION: Looking for an on-demand printing service in Prague

The Oversexualization of Advertising in the Czech Republic and the US

Comparing Cannabis Economies in Central and Eastern European Countries

What the 10 AI-Themed ETFs Have in Common

How Three EU Companies Implement AI in Personal Finance

Perfection Kills the Art of Selling

Bank Runs: Sberbank in 2022 and Silicon Valley Bank in 2023

Europe's Largest ETF and its Biggest Holding

Sunflower War 🌻 Part 4

Sunflower War 🌻 Part 3

Sunflower War 🌻 Part 2

Sunflower War 🌻 Part 1

The Rust Belt Comes to the Czech Republic

PODCAST: Transformation of the Midwest from Rust Belt to Tech Belt with Rebecca Fannin

The 800-lb Gorilla in Live Entertainment

Cities in Czech Republic benefiting from the monopoly, Ticketmaster

Mid-Year Market Prediction

FINANCIAL TERMINOLOGY: GDP, Financial Leverage, Options Market

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