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🎥 PODCAST: Czech Foreigner Working as a "Bro-pair" Living in the US

The good, bad, and indifferent experiences about living the American life

On episode #210, Don Vlogy lives and works in Maryland, US. Originally from the Czech Republic, he arrived in the US two years ago to work as a “bro-pair.” During his time in the states, Don is building upon his professional skills by creating Youtube videos and will soon begin studying at a US college. His goal is to learn the skills of video editing and producing in hopes of returning to the Czech Republic and making a life there one day. Watch this podcast on how Don is navigating US life.

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Episode Chapters

I. About Dominik and How he arrived to the US from the Czech Republic (01:24)

II. What's the goal of being in the US (05:53)

III. Bro-pair (08:41)

IV. Expectations of moving back home to the Czech Republic (15:45)

V. Day in the life of a Bro-pair (18:36)

VI. The good, bad, and indifferent about the American experience (27:47)

VII. Success breeds envy (30:18)

VIII. The courtesy of American culture (38:46)

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