🎥 PODCAST: Psychological challenges of 20, 30, and 40 year-olds

Argentina has one of the highest numbers of psychologists per capita, and joining the Podcast is an Argentinian Psychologist and Mindfulness Facilitator.

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On episode #211 of Wisco Weekly by 24Hour Journal, Argentinian Psychologist and Mindfulness Facilitator, Aylen Gomez Ovejero, shares with us her personal background and struggles, as well as the psychological challenges that 20, 30, and 40 year-olds face.

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Live+Work in Argentina

This is Part IV of our Live+Work in Argentina mini series. Check our parts I-III:

Episode Chapters

  1. Wim Hof breathing workshop (1:15)

  2. The post-meditation clarity (9:29)

  3. When feeling down, what is your supportive structure (18:42)

  4. To be or not be vulnerable (25:01)

  5. Creating identities based on others (29:17)

  6. The coaching economy in Argentina (30:32)

  7. Psychological challenges in your 20s (34:51)

  8. IKIGAI philosophy (38:13)

  9. Readjusting in your 30s (42:27)

  10. I made to 40. Now what? (45:39)

  11. Balancing short-term vs long-term (51:48)

  12. Reverse engineer your life two years from today (59:54)

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