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Teaching Retirement to Gen Z

Teaching Retirement to Gen Z

Podcast Episode #205 with Jadrian Wooten, Penn State Uni Econ Prof

Jadrian Wooten is an Associate Professor at Pennsylvania State University within the Department of Economics. He’s the Publisher of the Monday Morning Economist on Substack, and he is an award-winning educator and researcher.


  • Jadrian's dissertation on Sports Economics

  • The retirement problem for Gen Z

  • How to inspire economic lessons and personal finance lessons

  • If you could only teach three economic lessons, what would they be?

  • Bonus question: Tips and recommendations to implement digital media in teaching lessons | Watch Bonus Segment here.

  • What economic lessons have you learned by traveling to other countries  


Episode Notes

  • Jadrian Wooten  |  Web  |  Substack

  • BOOK: Parks and Recreation and Economics  |  Amazon


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