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School Choice Works Better for Teachers with Neal McCluskey

School Choice Works Better for Teachers with Neal McCluskey

With 18 states adopting school choice, the most populous state in the union may also be on the verge of adoption. California is undergoing a recall election and the leading candidate to replace Gavin Newsom is Larry Elder. Edler is an outspoken advocate of school choice. So what is it? How does it work? What is a historical perspective on it? How does critical race theory affect school choice?

Neal McCluskey is the Director of the Center for Educational Freedom at the libertarian think tank, Cato Institute. He provides an 'a to z' explanation of why school choice works better for teachers, starting with defining school choice to why the stakes are so high with public schools adopting critical race theory.



Episode Notes:


Public Schooling Battle Map -- https://www.cato.org/education-fight-map


Cato Institute -- https://www.cato.org/

Texas House Bill 150, Family Educational Relief Program -- https://capitol.texas.gov/tlodocs/872/billtext/pdf/HB00150I.pdf#navpanes=0



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