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Not Your Father's Economy

Not Your Father's Economy

Hello Business Class Listeners and thank you for tuning into Wisco Weekly, and our latest season of the podcast. When I first started Wisco Weekly, I discussed primarily dealership customer experiences…maybe you were a car buyer and wanted to know better about buying or working with your local dealer, or perhaps you were the seller and wanted to better your processes to optimize the customer experience.


Then as the audience grew and my network grew, I became more interested in the mobility space. Whether it was ridesharing, robo taxis, to policies that regulated micro mobility or to concepts like universal basic mobility, there was an entire subject matter I was unfamiliar with.


Now, we are at the next evolvement and this season is titled “Not Your Father’s Economy” and this season is a tribute to my father. You see my father is a first generation immigrant who knew nothing about the American way of life. He emigrated to the U.S. with the hope of creating a life that was not possible in the Philippines. The life he was aspiring can simply be put in a two-word caption -- "income opportunity." And starting in the 1970s, he became the best student he could be when learning about what it takes to create individual prosperity from working hard, working multiple jobs, being frugal, and also investing. And it’s in the area of investing where he really accelerated his income and wealth creation. As a child growing up, I bore witness to all of this and I recall every morning he would read the Investor’s Business Daily paper and review all stocks available to invest in.


Fast forward to 2021, this economy that we are in is much different than my father’s economy. Household debt is way up, borrowing is way up, the ability to make money is exponentially more advantageous now than ever before, there are more 1099 workers than ever before, there is more regulation than ever before…this is not my father’s economy.


While this latest season of Wisco Weekly is entitled Not Your Father’s Economy, this is the same title given to a brand new podcast channel which now hosts Wisco Weekly. 


Not Your Father’s Economy (NYFE) podcast channel, which is available on Apple Podcasts only, merges the advice given by fathers with the digital nomad economy. The income opportunities available in today's connected world have unlocked an economy that our father's never knew possible. From digital content creators to remote contracting work to the increase in the money supply and beyond, NYFE provides the necessary context to navigate this new economy and apply an immigrant father's advice.


To this end, I will be adding more shows to the NYFE podcast channel network. You’ll get to hear more thoughts, analysis, and entertainment of navigating this new economy. AND…I hope you will consider supporting the show by becoming a paid NYFE subscriber. 


For bonus, ad-free episodes that deliver actionable insights, become a paid-NYFE subscriber for $8.49 a month or $93.99 a year on Apple Podcasts. Start with a 3-day trial and cancel anytime. Our subscriber-only content will jack you up to work, generate new ideas, and add perspective to consistently produce.


You are always welcome to listen to regular episodes of Wisco Weekly on any popular podcast app, whether it is Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, and so on.



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