Tips to Become Media Literate

Know how to be skeptical about news and media

The Reason Roundtable is a podcast by libertarian editors of Reason Magazine. They often discuss all the current and political events of our time, while maintaining some of the highest journalistic integrity standards. View the podcast here.

On a prior episode of the Reason Roundtable, the four hosts — Matt Welch, Nick Gillespie, Katherine Mangu-Ward, and Peter Suderman — shared their tips to become media literate. Though, the nuance of their advice was tilted towards 7th graders. I didn’t realize 7th graders were pining for media literacy, however, in this digital era of consuming news on a mobile device, perhaps these 7th graders are ahead of their time.

Even still, the tips and advice provided by the hosts could target any demographic who never thought twice about their news consumption. This 6-minute video condenses their tips and advice on how to become media literate.

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