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Since the launch of 24Hour Journal this past July, Subscribers to this newsletter continue to grow at a slow, but steady pace with more than 1,000 eyeballs reading about money, business, and investing every month. That’s not huge, but it’s also not nothing. We at 24Hour Journal are continuing to educate our Subscribers on personal finance and investing.

What’s more impressive are the nature of our Subscribers — freelance expats who seek financial stability and security by supplementing their income with US investments. From a capitalist and aggregate viewpoint, the United States leads the world in economic and financial development. This doesn’t mean the US does not have any faults. But, over the last 70 years, the US continues to outshine other countries’ economies and this trend shall continue at least in our lifetimes.

Trend is the operative word. I have no doubts that the US financial economy will not be the leading economic power forever. History has shown us otherwise as other great powers once held the top spot including Britain, Netherlands, China, and Russia or USSR, to name a few.

Therefore, 24Hour Journal empowers our Subscribers to take advantage of an opportunity of a lifetime to become more confident and more knowledgeable about securing your financial future by investing in the US financial markets. The team of Anna Rubešová, Sofia Chesnokova, and myself will serve as your guide on the side and keep you updated on the latest news and stories on topics that affect freelancers and expats who seek to be informed about the US financial markets.

This November, I humbly ask that you become an Annual Subscriber to 24Hour Journal and receive all access to our site including exclusive content only. Annual subscriptions are $70 USD a year or a monthly subscription is $7 USD per month. Annual Subscribers will receive all of our email notifications so that you don’t miss out on anything we produce.

Your daily lives are already busy, and in order to make incremental, positive steps towards being financially safe and secure, count on 24Hour Journal to provide you with timely knowledge and education so that you never feel like you are “catching up.”

Thank you to all who have been reading 24Hour Journal, and we look forward to having you upgrade your status to an Annual Subscriber!

Dennis Wisco
Co-Founder, Publisher

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