A Hopeful Outcome from Europe Day 2022

Make Europe safe, greener, healthier, and more digital

Europe Day 2022 teaches future generations about what is being done to make Europe safe, greener, healthier, and more digital. There are a host of in-person and online events occurring over three days beginning on Saturday, May 7. The final day, Monday, May 9th, marks the founding of the European Union back in 1950.

The European Union comprises of several institutions and agencies spanning 27 countries. For instance, the European Investment Bank (EIB), established in 1958, is in charge of distributing capital to all member nations to fund initiatives that are aligned to make Europe safe, greener, healthier, and more digital.

In Czech Republic, EIB has provided financing for 196 projects totaling €24 billion since 1992. One of their notable investment projects was to modernize Masaryk University in Brno by building state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities for 6,000 students.

Source: EIB.org | Link
Source: EIB.org | Link

Commitment to Digital

As seen in the video above, the commitment of the European Union to make Europe more digital can be seen not only in its building infrastructure, but also in its online infrastructure.

During the three day celebration, there are many online events ranging from virtual tours to Zoom meetings, where Europeans from across the globe can feel like they are physically present.

They have a quiz which is comprised of 28 questions to assess your level of digital competency in five key areas: information and data literacy, communication and collaboration, digital content creation, safety, and problem solving.

To take the quiz and assess your digital competency, visit here.

Fin-tech Not a Focus

As inflation touches upon all sectors of our lives from traveling to groceries to gas and more, it’s unfortunate Europe Day does not have a specific initiative on the financial-technology space. Fin-tech has seen a boom in users and company valuations allowing stock markets across the globe to be easily accessible by billions of people.

Whether you want to trade individual equity stocks like PayPal ($PYPL), Apple ($AAPL), Spotify ($SPOT), to cryptocurrencies, the global population has the ability to increase their individual wealth as the result of fin-tech apps like PayPal, Revolut, Square, Passfolio, and even fin-tech apps created by the banks themselves.

One can only hope that an outcome that arises out of Europe Day 2022 is the need to focus on fin-tech apps and financial education. Having more individuals take control of their money and invest their money in companies and products and services that make Europe safe, greener, healthier, and more digital, can also make Europe more equitable.

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