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7 Sunrises, 7 Challenges

Morning Routines to Kickstart the Day

Apply all challenges in a variety of ways. Sometimes do one challenge for seven days, sometimes combine all challenges for seven days.

Sunrises taken from Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Day 1 Challenge: 10-minute silent meditation being grateful that you are alive and to not take sh*t too seriously

Day 2: Prepare things you will need in the morning…the night before.

Day 3: Open all curtains and blinds, and absorb as much natural light.

Day 4: Take a 1-minute cold shower.

Day 5: Wake up before your household or the world wakes up.

Day 6: Struggling to wake up? Have a friend give you a wake-up call.

Day 7: Drink one and maybe two glasses of water.

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